You were probably looking for the site depicted below, however we would warn against doing any business with this company. The website may look good but the service is abysmal. Take it from somebody that has had an extremely unhappy experience with them - it is just not worth it.

The preposterous "Seven Days Full Refund" promise is a blatant lie, or at least it was in our case. We ordered a size 8 dress and the one that arrived was a generous 10-12, and the answer from JessyDessy upon receipt of our complaint: "get it altered"!.

Any reputable company would publish their address and contact details on a website; have a look on their site you won't find any such means of contacting them directly. Would you do business with a company like that? Would you want to take the risk?

They do not accept Paypal or credit cards, and insist instead on money being sent via Western Union. Unusual business practice, you may think, until you consider the reasons why…more standard payment methods would enable you to obtain a refund, but this way, once they have your money, kiss it goodbye.

We strongly urge you to avoid becoming another victim of this fly by night company. Learn from the mistakes of others, and save yourself the frustration and the loss of both time and money that goes along with it.